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I have created a lot of comics and stories in the last two years, you can read on my new website for free! You may also support me and this website, by downloading some of my comics for little money.

Have a look here: baker.boox.co.nz
Have a look here: chapman.boox.co.nz

About me: Luki

Hello. My name is Lukas. I was 14 years old, when I started drawing pictures and cartoons. I live in Czech Republic. I love floorball most of all. I have other hobbies too, but floorball is the best. I also like drawing. I like drawing what I see around me. I am drawing with a pencil and then boldly draw the lines with a pen. Then scan the image and paint it with colours on computer. In my gallery, there are some pictures I drew. You can also look at my comics.

Warning: Some pictures contain nudity.
No porn, just normal innocent nudity.

My drawings and comics on natural nudity :-)

Enjoy my artworks in gallery

If you enjoy the natural nudity as much as I do, please, feel free to have a look in my gallery, where you'll find nearly 80 artworks of nudity scenes about boy scouting and everydays life.